Course Introduction

Although it was the Creator of the Universe who promised, "I will pour out My Spirit on all humanity. Your sons and daughters will prophesy" (Yo'el 3:1 CJB personalized and emphasized; Joel 2:28), numerous issues/problems still surround prophetic ministry and administration.

  • Prophesying has for centuries been classified as a function reserved for Prophets;
  • A lot of people seek to operate and are delighted to function prophetically without understanding the prophetic;
  • A lot of people love the prophetic, yet they are afraid of it;
  • A lot of people also reject the prophetic because they lack understanding of it;
  • A lot of prophetic people despise/neglect proper training.

However, the reality is,

  • Prophesying is for everyone who has received the Spirit of God;
  • If we do not understand the prophetic we will not develop/mature prophetically;
  • If we are afraid of the prophetic we will avoid it;
  • If we lack understanding, we will keep rejecting/fighting against this manifestation of the Spirit that was designed to give us the advantage; and
  • If we are not properly harnessed, we will create chaos.

As a result, we cannot and will not grow to maturity because it is impossible to harness, grow, develop, and control something that we do not understand, are afraid of, or are untrained in.

Understanding and Harnessing our Prophetic Competencies was designed to assist you in:

  • gaining a better understanding of the prophetic,
  • cultivating an appreciation for the prophetic,
  • recognizing genuine or counterfeit prophetic ministry,
  • correctly assessing prophetic words,
  • demonstrating proper prophetic ministry,
  • knowing the purposes of prophecy, and
  • identifying, embracing, and developing your prophetic competence.

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